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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

DLC Law Areas of Expertise

DLC Law Office provides legal consultancy and representation services to clients in different sectors.

Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Media, Entertainment and Advertisement Law

Personal Data Protection Law

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Frequently Asked Questions

DLC Law Office specializes in business and commercial law, real estate law, tax law, debt collection, intellectual property rights and many other legal matters.

You can reach DLC Law Office by phone or e-mail. To make an appointment, you can fill out the appointment request form on our website or you can make an appointment by calling by phone.

As DLC Law Firm offers services tailored specifically to its clients, its pricing policies vary. Fees are determined according to the type of service and the needs of the client. DLC Law Firm adopts a transparent approach to its clients regarding fees and provides explanatory information on the pricing of services.

DLC Law Office adopts an extremely meticulous approach to the confidentiality and security of its clients. Client information is stored in accordance with legal regulations and professional ethics and the confidentiality of our clients is protected at all times. While providing legal advice and representation services to its clients, DLC Law Firm takes all necessary measures to protect the private and commercial information of its clients and adopts a high standard of confidentiality.