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Media, Entertainment and Advertisement Law

Media, Entertainment and Advertisement Law

With important developments in technology, people’s communication with each other has increased, and as a result, digital tools have been used much more intensively. In this context, media, entertainment and advertisement law have increased their importance day by day and many disputes in these fields are frequently encountered during daily life today.

Considering the dynamics of media, entertainment and advertisement law, our firm provides giant and global media companies, national and international production companies, actors-actresses/scriptwriters/directors, musicians, agents, managers, collecting societies for the protection of copyrights, advertisement/PR and organization companies with legal consultancy and litigation services. Our services in these fields include the following main titles:

  1. Drafting and revising media law based agreements (broadcasting and production agreements for linear/non-linear TV series, content distribution agreements, talent/writer/director agreements, all kinds of consent letters/rights transfer agreements, production agreements of scripted/non-scripted programs, license agreements for local/international contents, acquisition and commissioning agreements, film/documentary/cartoon agreements …etc.) in accordance with our clients’ specific expectations and sector dynamics,
  2. Providing legal consultancy services regarding the music licensing agreements and the agreements signed with music collecting societies,
  3. Drafting and revising all kinds of daily basis agreements of media and advertisement companies (commercial purchase/sale, marketing, promotion, PR, advertising, advertising sales, product licensing, digital media, NDAs, settlement agreements ..etc.) in accordance with our clients’ specific expectations and sector dynamics,
  4. Handling all the processes to obtain the broadcasting license of FTA channels and SVOD platforms as well as renewing and/or cancelling such licenses,
  5. Examining TV/VOD advertisements (spots, advertorials, product placement, etc…) taking the RTÜK practice into account and all other advertisements taking the practices of the Advertisement Board into account, and providing the legal assessments on the advertisement law,
  6. Filing cancellation actions against the decisions of RTUK and Advertisement Board before administrative courts and representing our clients before administrative courts, regional administrative courts and Council of State.